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Want to read more about the LRCC features and benefits?  CLICK HERE

Interested in a third party perspective?  Check out what MacWorld has to say about LRCC. CLICK HERE



The ShootDotEdit LRCC Catalog is built and prepared in the same way as you would build the Lightroom 5 ShootDotEdit Catalog.



LRCC and LR6 act exactly the same. The big differences are:

  • LR6 is purchasable and will become a legacy product that is no longer supported. Updates will be manual.

  • LRCC is a “cloud” software product and is subscription only. It is always updated by Adobe will continue to be supported by Adobe as new versions are launched.

  • CLICK HERE to read more.

CURRENT LRCC Subscribers:


This section is for you IF:

Your computer has both LR5 & LRCC

    • When receiving your LRCC job back from ShootDotEdit, be sure to “OPEN WITH” the Adobe Lightroom CC app.


    • LR5 does not self destruct!  If you want to remove it, it must be manually Uninstalled from your computer. 

    • When receiving your finished ShootDotEdit LRCC Catalog, follow the same steps for re-associating your Lightroom 5 Workflow. CLICK HERE to read more.

This section is for you IF:

Your computer ONLY has LRCC

    • Build your ShootDotEdit LRCC CAT the same way as you always prep and build for your LR5 ShootDotEdit job.  







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ShootDotEdit is now providing Straightening as a Service! Answers listed below to popular questions!


What is meant by BETA?

  • We've spent 7 months planning, building, testing, training, and certifying our production team. We've designed the service to be as close to perfect as possible. BUT, customers will ALWAYS identify areas that can be improved or make the service better. And, that's what BETA is for:  a season of learning for our customers at a cost point that is nominal.


When you say "Straightening", do you mean "Cropping" as well?

  • "Straightening" as ShootDotEdit defines it does not include or offer a cropping service. Cropping as a Service is a booger (AKA very, very dangerous and extremely difficult to accurately measure for customer expectations). 


How much does it cost?

  • During the BETA period, the straightening service cost will be nominal:   $0.01 per image submitted
    • For example:  Order our Straightening service with a color correction job of 500 images, the cost will be $5.


How do you decide what images need straightening?

  • ShootDotEdit has developed a proprietary method Straightening. We call this the "12 Lines of Reference"TM.  This methodology assures best in class accuracy!
  • The quick answer is:  if it's crooked, we straighten it :)


Is the service available with ALL of the ShootDotEdit workflow options?

  • Our Straightening Service is available for Lightroom 4 and Lightroom 5 ShootDotEdit workflows.
  • Aperture and Legacy Workflows are not supported.
  • Lightroom CC workflows will be supported in early July 2015.


Can I order ONLY Straightening as a service and nothing else?

  • At the very least, ordering our Custom Color Correction service is required to order our Straightening service. Thanks for understanding!


Any other questions???  

  • Don't hesitate to ask our Customer Success Team for help.
  • We're available via phone, email, and/or Live Chat!  
  • We're here to help!



DotMan October 30, 2013 Web UPLOAD Tutorials

So you’ve just updated to the latest and greatest MAC OS and version of Java BUT your ShootDotEdit uploader is giving you a funny look and doesn't want to cooperate. 

This article contains all the information you’ll need to get back up and running with your job submissions.


What happened to your Java Install?

1. Updating to OSX 10.9 Mavericks uninstalls Java from your computer.

If you are experience this problem, you are likely seeing one of the screens showcased below.  They are showcased according to standard browsers used:











We Recommend Firefox for Java Uploads 


  1. Firefox is the most stable and compatible browser for java uploads right now.

    To download Firefox visit:

  2. Chrome on OSX 10.7 Mountain Lion and newer does not support Java 7, ShootDotEdit DOES NOT recommend trying to use Chrome on newer systems to upload via Java. 

  3. Safari will not show files or folder contents as it has compatibility issues with Java 7 Update 45. ShootDotEdit DOES NOT recommend using Safari with Java 7 Update 45 / OSX10.9 Mavericks.

How to Re-Install Java 

1. Visit, and download the lastest version to your computer.




2. Double click to start the install




3. Double Click on the Package.




4. Click Continue.




5. Click Close. Java is now downloaded and updated on your computer.




6. Now go back to ShootDotEdit and refresh your screen.




7 . You’ll need to allow the Uploader to Run on your computer. This warning pop-up will appear. Check the “I accept” box and continue by pressing “Run”.




8. You’ll also need to make sure our website can connect with the Uploader, another security warning will pop up. Select “Allow”





9. You will now be able to upload files to ShootDotEdit. Your screen should now look like this.

Click “Add” to start selecting images for upload.




10. Once you have selected your images click the green arrow in the bottom left corner.




11. Once all your files have finished uploading you can click the blue button that says “Is your upload Complete? Click here to Verify!”




Want to know more about new tech updates for a Flash uploader?  Click here


DotMan August 2, 2013 ShootDotEdit Workflow TUTORIALS

Lightroom 5 - #4 Receiving a Complete Job

Check out the non-segmented video from Lightroom expert Jared Platt

Lightroom 5 - #4 Receiving a Complete Job: Video Tutorial

  1.  Open the original Lightroom catalog used to submit to ShootDotEdit. (0:10)

  2. In Finder/Explorer find the zipped Lightroom catalog you downloaded from the email sent by ShootDotEdit. (0:42)

  3. Drag the zipped Lightroom file onto your desktop and double-click to unzip and open. 

  4.   The unzipped file will create a folder containing your finished Lightroom catalog (1:00)

  5. Go back into Lightroom and the original catalog (1:50)

  6. Go to "File/Lightroom" -> "Import from Another Catalog" on the drop down menu. (1:53)

  7. In the Dialog box that opens up, navigate to the new finished Lightroom catalog on the desktop. Click on the catalog and select "Choose" on the dialog box. (2:02)

  8. As the files begin to sync, a Dialog box will open. Ensure that all of the files are selected in the Catalog Contents box. In the "Replace" bar, select "Metadata and Develop Settings Only" from the drop down menu. Select "Preserve old settings as a virtual copy" if desired. Click "Import". (2:15)

  9. The edits will begin to populate in the Lightroom catalog (3:31)

- ShootDotEdit Lightroom 5 Workflow -

#1. Client Setup

#2. Prepping Your Job

#3. Submitting Your Order

#4. Receiving a Completed Job

DotMan August 2, 2013 ShootDotEdit Workflow TUTORIALS

Lightroom 5 - #3 Job Submission: Video Tutorial

Check out the non-segmented video from Lightroom expert Jared Platt

Lightroom 5 - #3 Job Submission: Video Tutorial


  1. Locate the Catalog and Smart Previews on your computer through Finder/Explorer  (0:10)

  2. You will need to upload the following 3 files with your job submission: the Lightroom catalog, the Smart Previews.lrdata file, and the Preview.lrdata file. (0:25)

  3. Log into with your Client ID and Password 

  4. Click the "Submit Job" tab (in the upper right)  then “Color Job”, fill out all areas of the Job Submission form. Ensure that the "Lightroom 5" Workflow is selected. (1:35)

  5. Select the Color Wizard and choose your skin tone, exposure, temperature, and contrast. Once you are satisfied with your choice click “select profile”(3:40)

  6. If you are new to ShootDotEdit then we suggest you request a DotPreview. (4:28)

  7. Allow the Java Uploader access to your files. (6:00)

  8. Click on the green "Add" button on on the upper left side of the Uploader. Use the dialog box to navigate to where your files are saved, select the files, and click "Open".  (6:25)

  9. The files will populate in the Uploader. While there are only three files uploaded, each previews file represents many smaller files, which will populate in the Uploader individually if the previews files are not zipped. (7:00)

  10. Once the files are queued in the Uploader, click the green "up" arrow to start the upload. Once the green arrow turns into a red square button and a upload progress bar has appeared, your upload is going! (7:25)

  11. Once the Upload has finished, click the "Continue" button on the bottom of the page to go to the Verification page. Once ensuring that all of the images have been uploaded, click on the "Verify Upload" to mark the upload as completed. (7:28)

Relax Like Platt

- ShootDotEdit Lightroom 5 Workflow -

#1. Client Setup

#2. Prepping Your Job

#3. Submitting Your Order

#4. Receiving a Completed Job


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