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DotMan June 10, 2015 ShootDotEdit Basics / In the NEWS



Want to read more about the LRCC features and benefits?  CLICK HERE

Interested in a third party perspective?  Check out what MacWorld has to say about LRCC. CLICK HERE



The ShootDotEdit LRCC Catalog is built and prepared in the same way as you would build the Lightroom 5 ShootDotEdit Catalog.



LRCC and LR6 act exactly the same. The big differences are:

  • LR6 is purchasable and will become a legacy product that is no longer supported. Updates will be manual.

  • LRCC is a “cloud” software product and is subscription only. It is always updated by Adobe will continue to be supported by Adobe as new versions are launched.

  • CLICK HERE to read more.

CURRENT LRCC Subscribers:


This section is for you IF:

Your computer has both LR5 & LRCC

    • When receiving your LRCC job back from ShootDotEdit, be sure to “OPEN WITH” the Adobe Lightroom CC app.


    • LR5 does not self destruct!  If you want to remove it, it must be manually Uninstalled from your computer. 

    • When receiving your finished ShootDotEdit LRCC Catalog, follow the same steps for re-associating your Lightroom 5 Workflow. CLICK HERE to read more.

This section is for you IF:

Your computer ONLY has LRCC

    • Build your ShootDotEdit LRCC CAT the same way as you always prep and build for your LR5 ShootDotEdit job.  







DotMan June 2, 2015 2 ShootDotEdit Basics / In the NEWS


ShootDotEdit is now providing Straightening as a Service! Answers listed below to popular questions!


What is meant by BETA?

  • We've spent 7 months planning, building, testing, training, and certifying our production team. We've designed the service to be as close to perfect as possible. BUT, customers will ALWAYS identify areas that can be improved or make the service better. And, that's what BETA is for:  a season of learning for our customers at a cost point that is nominal.


When you say "Straightening", do you mean "Cropping" as well?

  • "Straightening" as ShootDotEdit defines it does not include or offer a cropping service. Cropping as a Service is a booger (AKA very, very dangerous and extremely difficult to accurately measure for customer expectations). 


How much does it cost?

  • During the BETA period, the straightening service cost will be nominal:   $0.01 per image submitted
    • For example:  Order our Straightening service with a color correction job of 500 images, the cost will be $5.


How do you decide what images need straightening?

  • ShootDotEdit has developed a proprietary method Straightening. We call this the "12 Lines of Reference"TM.  This methodology assures best in class accuracy!
  • The quick answer is:  if it's crooked, we straighten it :)


Is the service available with ALL of the ShootDotEdit workflow options?

  • Our Straightening Service is available for Lightroom 4 and Lightroom 5 ShootDotEdit workflows.
  • Aperture and Legacy Workflows are not supported.
  • Lightroom CC workflows will be supported in early July 2015.


Can I order ONLY Straightening as a service and nothing else?

  • At the very least, ordering our Custom Color Correction service is required to order our Straightening service. Thanks for understanding!


Any other questions???  

  • Don't hesitate to ask our Customer Success Team for help.
  • We're available via phone, email, and/or Live Chat!  
  • We're here to help!



DotMan August 2, 2013 Workflow, Tutorials, and Troubleshooting / ShootDotEdit Workflow TUTORIALS

Learn how to quickly and easily setup your business for all Lightroom Submissions to ShootDotEdit, the World's #1 Post Processing Partner for Professional Wedding Photographers. 


Step by Step:

  1. Login to
  2. Click on the "Submit Job" tab in the upper left
  3. In the "Downloads" Section download a copy of the ShootDotEdit Lightroom Catalog that corresponds to your version of Lightroom


  4. Navigate to your downloads
  5. Move the file to your Desktop, or to a folder of your choosing
  6. Double-click on the .zip file to open ShootDotEdit's .lrcat file into the same location. Double-click on the .lrcat file to open Lightroom and get started!
  7. You can keep the .zip file and un-zip a new SDE Lightroom Catalog for each new event that is submitted. :)


- ShootDotEdit Lightroom Workflow -

#1. ShootDotEdit's Lightroom Catalog

#2. Prepping Your Job

#3. Submitting Your Order

#4. Receiving a Completed Job

DotMan August 29, 2012 ShootDotEdit Basics / In the NEWS

Our Standard Turnaround is as fast as 48 Hours, and guaranteed by 5 Business Days.

When we first opened the ShootDotEdit doors in 2007 (5 years ago), we were on the cutting edge of the post production industry by completing and returning every event within 8-10 business days.  Our professional wedding photographers were jumping up and down, knowing that they would be getting an entire wedding edit returned in that amount of time.  Yep, you read that correctly!  Under 2 weeks, and happy, happy, happy!

Boy-oh-boy, things have changed!  Photography technology has changed.  Wedding pro demands have changed.  Especially when it relates to turnaround times for their brides.  Wedding pros are now experiencing the pressure and expectation of returning images to their couples FAST! And that brings us to today’s long awaited announcement.

Introducing the arrival of our new standard turnaround:  as fast as 48 HOURS!!! Now, our “eyes-on-hands-on” custom color correction is returned fast, fast, fast!!!  Faster turnaround makes for happier clients.  Happier clients spend more money.  And faster turnaround equals more profit.  FAST is BEST, and nobody is faster than ShootDotEdit.

ShootDotEdit is the first choice post processing partner for over 5,000 professional wedding photographers, spanning 40 countries.  With determination to best serve the wedding pro, we are inventing proprietary products like the interactive Color Wizard and DotPreview.  And now, with the addition of our as fast as 48 HOUR turnaround, you can be sure that as the demands of your photography business speed up, we’ll be fast enough to support you.

ShootDotEdit is the new standard.  Turnaround as fast as 48 HOURS.  FAST is BEST, and nobody is faster.

DotMan August 20, 2012 Workflow, Tutorials, and Troubleshooting / Common Questions

You can reset your password yourself and our system will automatically send you a temporary password via email.  Afterward, we highly recommend you changing your password to something customized for you.  Here is how you do it:
1.  Simply go to:
2.  Under the "Already a Customer?" section (bottom right), click on:  Forgot your password?


3.  Enter the email address associated with your account.

4.  Our system will send your temporary password via email within a few minutes.
     NOTE:  just in case, please be sure to check your SPAM if you do not see or receive the email! 
We hope this is helpful!


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